I am over 70 years old and need help with transportation. Where do I go?

www.measureC.com  On this site, you will learn how to buy “taxi scrip”.  Taxi scrip is basically coupons which you buy to pay for your taxi but you receive a 75% discount.

How do I find out about fraud against seniors?

Although no website can ever completely keep up with this growing problem but a very good website is www.scamnot.org.

I am the primary caregiver for a sick or dying loved one. How can I get help without burdening others?

Everyone who is a primary caregiver for a chronically ill or dying loved one needs help at one time or another.  www.lotsahelpinghands.com is a site to answer the question, what can I do to help?  It saves alot of the embarrassment of asking and the difficulty of having to qualify when help is offered and for what.   On this site, you can create a calendar, list the help you need and give access to those that you want to help you.

Where can I go to learn to preserve values as well as valuables?

www.ethicalwill.com is a site which explains how ethical wills can be used to pass on values and family stories from one generation to the next.  Barry Baines, MD is the author of the book Ethical Wills which is an easy how-to book on the subject.  Estate planning can help you preserve values as well as valuables.  The references to canned trusts and wills in the book are not recommended as canned wills and trusts, because they don’t address your unique needs, can cause more problems than they solve.  But, this book is great for getting started preserving memories and ideas that may be lost otherwise.